Get to know Fairview...

The Town of Fairview is dedicated to developing a town with open spaces and beautiful park land.

Welcome to Fairview, Texas.  Whether looking to create or relocate a business, one needs to look no further than Fairview, Texas to find a community that combines the best of economic development with the best of quality country living, creating the perfect place to live, work, and play.

Take a look at the Fairview Economic Development Corporation website It's packed full of useful information for your business. You can find information on demographics, existing businesses, upcoming events, and area attractions.

Asterisk Roofing & Construction's roots run deep in North Texas. With a diverse history of construction, our families built the majority of Addison Airport when the city purchased it in 1974, the tollroad from 635 to Trinity Mills, while our family’s excavating company was responsible for the building of the historic Grapevine Lake, and took part in the development of Beltline Rd and the strip malls from Marsh Ln to way past the old Galleria Mall. We've been the general contractors for sky scrapers to townhomes. From large, hundred million dollar projects, to small home repairs. We have merged decades of experience, with technology that no other company has and combined that with our Kingdom First ethics.  Our goal is to serve Him by serving you.

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