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According to the book, A History and Heritage of Highland Village, “Modern-day Highland Village morphed from a small, rural town into a suburban city seemingly overnight in the 1970’s. The lifestyle here was based upon a distinct blend of rural Texans’ aspirations and perspectives and the wishes of some wealthy Dallasites to ‘get away from it all.’ The desire was to become part of something related to the Dallas lifestyle but distinctly more relaxed and ‘real’ in the sense of seeking to enjoy nature and live closer to the land. These are recurring strains throughout the municipal history of the City of Highland Village, Texas.” The founding residents of Highland Village fell in love with the area and, whether intentional or not, Highland Village was incorporated as an official city on Valentine’s Day in 1963.

The book, A History and Heritage of Highland Village, detailing the early life in Highland Village was written and published by the Highland Village Historical Committee. Copies of the book are for sale at the Municipal Complex.

Between 1975-1985, the City grew from approximately 1,000 to 5,000 and became a Home Rule City in 1986. Approximate population today is 15,850. Population at build-out is expected to be approximately 18,000.

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Part of Asterisk Roofing & Construction's beginnings start in Highland Village. From building Marcus High School, the Jack n The Box on 407, multiple shopping centers and even widening 2499, we've been a part of the Highland Village and Lewisville landscape for generations.