Roofs are your first line of defense 

Asterisk Roofing & Construction offers many services that can provide for your home or business. We have experience working with all types of asphalt shingles, which are the most common type of roofing. This covers most homes and businesses.


There is something for everyone since they come in dozens of colors and styles. It can match up with just about anything. Need a gutter system to go with your fresh roof?


We construct those as well. As a roofer in Arlington, TX we can provide gutters that are just the right fit for your home. In fact, we cut them right on the spot, so they can be seamless and work precisely as expected. This way we can pass the savings on to you and the process is quicker too. They come in many colors as well, so they can be matched to your home or roof.

The thing that makes us different from everyone else is that we do things properly since we want to retain our customers. You aren’t just a number to us. This is true regardless of if you are an individual or a business.


We put the same care into both types of jobs, and have all the most popular products to choose from when you prefer to work with us. Single ply or metal roofs are popular on properties, and we have worked with both of these materials for many years. We can tell you all the details on how they protect your building and how they are designed to work.


We spend time to explain why preventative measures are crucial and how to complete them. We will also come and look around from time to time, so everything stays in good working condition. This will lower the probability of any surprise damages or leaks.


Contact us at 817-741-7668 or email for a roofer in North Texas.